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Minimalist Animations Pay Homage to Great 90s Pinball Machines

Get hypnotized by these classic pinball machines without your wallet taking a hit.
Screen grab from video

This article was originally published on May 7, 2016 but we think it still rocks!

For most of us, pinball machines are just magical monsters that eat all the dollar bills in our pockets somewhere around last call at drinking establishments, but for some people pinball is very serious. There's the IPMD, the Internet Pinball Machine Database. It acts as the IMDB of pinball, with over 2,000 contributors and where you can find detailed rankings of top 300 pinball machines of all time. There's also the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association, which hosts tourneys for the best and brightest button togglers.


But whether pinball's your passion or you're just a filthy casual, animation studio Device's short film The Greatest Pinball Machines is for you. Animated by Aleksander Saharovsky, it pays homage to great pinball machines like The Addams Family and Tales of the Arabian Nights. They're all from the 90s, which was apparently some kind of pinball golden age. Aside from creative visualizations inspired by the mechanics of each machine, the animation features the good old fashioned pinball light-up graphics that we've all squinted at and tried to puzzle out.

Check out the video below.

The Greatest Pinball Machines from Device on Vimeo.


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