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If Miniature Screen Printing Doesn't Melt Your Heart, Nothing Will

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A video posted by The Daily Miniature (@dailymini) on

Aug 30, 2016 at 5:19pm PDT

You might have to squint to witness this ridiculously tiny, functional screen printing press by artist Devin Smith in action. In a video posted by The Daily Miniature, the bite-sized replica sticks a mini pine tree onto a t-shirt so small it would make a hamster look fat.

Smith, who goes by the moniker awesome___thanks, has been making miniatures since Legos stopped being able to satisfy his imagination as a child. He made his first miniature from scratch in high school and was hooked. "I enjoy making something that I have created in my own mind," he tells The Daily Miniature. "Something that isn’t completely real, but it could be. I like those kinds of miniatures because as I go along, I can add whatever my imagination feels fits in that particular scene. I don’t have to play by the books, the miniature can be whatever I want it to be and that’s my favorite way."


Maybe it's magic, maybe it's an evolutionary response to protect babies, but there's something paralyzing about seeing a tiny version of a smaller thing. Toddler shoes, hamster-sized Valentines, and in this case, itty bitty art tools, can warm even the most art world-hardened heart.

A shot from my Mini "TShirt Press." The screen mounting clamp where my finger is pointing too is actually made out of pieces of a cassette tape holder. #Miniatures #Mini #HandMade #FoundMaterials #Art #Artwork #Miniature #Miniaturist #TinyThings #MixedMedia #Diorama #ObeyTheMiniature #Tiny #Maker #Artsy #Artist #ModelMaking #Model #Crafts #AwesomeThanks #Small #Cassette #CassetteTape #Tshirt #PrintingPress #Silkscreen

A photo posted by Devin Smith (@awesome__thanks) on

Aug 24, 2016 at 3:48pm PDT

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