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URLs, URLs, URLs: Four Female Artists Fill a Gallery with Feels

In this safe space, artists open up about the trials of being on the internet as a girl.
September 21, 2016, 7:55pm
Arvida Byström, Self-Portrait - Detail, 2016. Images courtesy the artists

Be prepared to get emotional as you enter QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying, a group show of female new media artists at Big Picture LA. Bathed in pink neon light, the gallery space is a buffet of encrypted love notes, Barbie paraphernalia, and women taking control of the female form. Eight new works from Kyttenjanae, Ambar Navarro, Brittney Scott, and Arvida Byström construct a safe space for the artists to express the vulnerabilty inherent to being a girl on the internet.


The legacy of 4chan's Rule 16, "There are no girls on the internet," is a mob of anonymous dudes who make it their business to harrass the women of the web. QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying is a chance for Navarro, Kyttenjanae, Scott, and Byström to express digital feminity without fear. Navarro's En Crypted Love tackles the challenges of romance online romance, while both Kyttenjanae's wheres god and Byström's Self Portrait react to and reject the male gaze, reclaiming the female form for themselves without rejecting playfulness and sexuality. Scott's glowing URLs URLs URLs sign is a beacon to passersby, welcoming them into a celebration of strong women and internet culture.

Check out QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying below.

Brittney Scott, URLS URLS URLS, 2016, neon, vinyl graphics, 72 x 60 inches

Ambar Navarro, ouch.jpg, 2016, print on plexiglass, mirror clips, 26 x 40 inches

QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying installation view

Kyttenjanae, wheres god, 2016, 3 channel video

QWERTY, Flirty, and Crying is on at Big Picture LA through October 15. Check out Kyttenjanae, Ambar Navarro, Brittney Scott, and Arvida Byström's other work on their Instagram accounts.


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