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Artists' First GIFs | GIF Six-Pack

Everybody's gotta start somewhere.


Ah, the first week of Spring. If you live in a place with meadows and flowerbeds everywhere, they're probably all colorful and beautiful and stuff. If you live in New York, enjoy the gruel-grey sky and the smell of smoke.

Nevertheless, Spring is a time of beginnings, so we're celebrating the first week of Spring 2016 by revisiting the beginnings of our favorite GIF artists. Today, each artist has a uniquely developed and ever-growing style, but everybody has to start somewhere. The first GIF published on each of these artists Tumblrs may not be as effortlessly satisfying as their newer work, but the nugget of creativity and style they now possess is still present. Many of them have begun to focus on other looping mediums, like Vine or Instagram video, which have intrinsically changed their styles as well. Budding GIF artists, take note of how drastically aesthetics, form, and values can evolve in just a few years.


We've presented each artist with their first and most recent work, one after the other.


Scorpion Dagger


Anne Horel


A.L. Crego

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