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Lisa Frank Tarot Cards Say Your Future's Bright (And Cheetah-Print)

Next time you're getting a reading, ask for Ariel Hart's neon, fuzzy deck.

We’ve all shared a Nihilisa Frank meme or two on Facebook, but now, one artist has created a rainbow, animal-filled way to divine your future, rather than just angstily staring into a neon cheetah-print void. Ariel Hart’s deck of Lisa Frank tarot cards is making telling the future a bit more colorful.

Hart, a creative director from Los Angeles, creates animations and illustrations every day. But she’s loved Lisa Frank her entire life, so using her creative skills for this personal project was natural. “As strange as it sounds, it's hard for me to feel like I have a choice other than to be interested in Lisa Frank. To me it's like, ‘How did you become interested in pizza?’ Well… I absolutely can't help it,” Hart tells The Creators Project.


Traditionally, each tarot card has a specific symbolism, from the direction the figures face on the cards, to the landscape around them. Hart read about tarot symbolism before she created the deck, to try to make the puppies, aliens, panda bears, and bananas in bikinis as true to a real tarot deck as possible.

“I had a to negotiate a lot between the brand universe and tarot imagery,” she says. But it wasn’t always easy. “An example of criticism I've seen is that the Strength card represents Leo and, as a fire sign, the character shouldn't be in the water. Traditionally the image is a character holding the mouth of a lion, but in the Lisa Frank universe there are surprisingly few lions (one cub that I can think of). So I chose the image with a sea lion.”

Hart likely won’t get the deck printed due to legal reasons, but if anyone out there is a fellow Lisa Frank/tarot fanatic, we’d love to see what the future looks like based on this deck. See more of the deck below.

Click here to check out Ariel Hart's Lisa Frank tarot cards.


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