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Explore a Car Crash Suspended in Time in this Short Film

The CG wizards at the ArtFx production freeze time in the midst of a brutal car accident.

// ArtFX OFFICIEL // Blink from ArtFX OFFICIEL on Vimeo.

Blink  is a surreal short film that finds an anxiety ridden cello player in the middle of an intensely brutal car accident frozen in time. Equipped with state of the art technology, a team of CG artist and VFX specialists from French production studio, ArtFX, visualize what it would look like if time suddenly came to a halt.

The film opens with a musician as he attempts to load a massive cello case into the trunk of his small Peugeot. It doesn't fit and our protagonist sets off on his drive after roping his trunk down with a few bungee cords. Once he gets on the freeway, the camera start to cut between our driver’s nervous face and the radio in his car that's playing an increasingly tense classical score. The music builds to a climax and then suddenly we hear the sound of a collision. When our driver brings his head out of his lap, he looks around at his surroundings in utter amazement.


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The universe has suddenly paused. His world has gone still in the midst of a horrible car accident. A black muscle car floats overturned above our character’s Peugeot. A woman driving with her hair in the wind looks on at the accident unfolding in front of her. A little further down the road an ice cream truck is split in two and all of its contents spill onto the road in different directions. Bubblegum, lollipops, and other bagged sweets fan out of out of the truck like a piñata.

Within this dimension of suspended time our protagonists, along with us the audience, get to explore the scene of the crash and search for clues as to what caused the collision. Throughout this investigation, the musician walks through a cloud of debris left floating in mid air. Amidst the chaos the filmmakers create of feeling of calm. We find a bizarre middle ground of stillness in the face of commotion. The destruction becomes beautiful.

Shooting this film required a tremendous amount of gear. Learn more about how the ArtFx pieced this thing together in this behind the scenes video:

// ArtFX OFFICIEL // Blink MAKING-OF from ArtFX OFFICIEL on Vimeo

For more from works from ArtFx team head over to their website.


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