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Ladies and Gentlemen, 'The New Important Photographers'

That is, according to Superchief Gallery.
Parker Day. Images courtesy the gallery

In what is looking shaping up to be a tremendously eclectic survey of new picture-taking talent, a group exhibition of rising photographers is coming to both of Superchief Gallery’s NYC locations. Called The New Important Photographers, the exhibition will first open at the Superchief Gallery’s Brooklyn location on July 29th and will expand into the gallery’s space in SOHO come August 6th, building off the first exhibition’s body of work.


Amongst the featured artists is one Miller Rodriguez, otherwise known as Pretty Puke, a brash young photographer who appears to be working on a new video for rapper/YouTube sensation Rich Chigga. In an article about his work for Mishka’s Summer 2015 lookbook, VICE describe Pretty Puke’s pictures as, “titillating, macabre, and darkly funny.” In addition to Puke, the coming show at Superchief will feature work by Nadia Lee Cohen, the nostalgic, socially conscious photographer known for her subversive female portraits.

Nadia Lee Cohen

Some of the other artists on the lineup include: Parker Day, Willian Dunleavy, Todd Fisher, Paul Kwiatkowski, Ego Maps, Rezzie Avissar - Weird Magic, Edwin De LaRosa, Shelby Sells, Tod Seelie, Edward Zipco. The show is one in a series Superchief Gallery is planning to host in the future. The intent is for it to act as a sort of public inauguration to a new generation shutterbugs.

We’re certainly excited to see what the future of photography has in store. Check out some pictures from the show, below:

Tod Seelie

Rezzie Avissar 

Rezzie Avissar 

Nadia Lee Cohen

Pretty Puke 

Pretty Puke 

For more information about the show head over to the Superchief Gallery website.


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