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Miguel Chevalier Wraps Morocco in Virtual Mosaics

The Dar Batha Museum in Fes hosts the French light artist's 'Digital Arabesques.'
Images courtesy the artist

Standing on top of one of Miguel Chevalier's interactive magic carpets is like being transported into a morphing world of colors, patterns, and light. Last year, Chevalier's Digital Arabesques looked great reflecting off of a waterfront in the UAE. In a new video from Chevalier's longtime collaborator, Claude Mossessian, however, the installation might look even more at home in the Dar Batha Museum in Fes, Morocco.


Digital Arabesques, organized by the French Institute of Fes, Morocco, as part of Cultural Season France-Morocco 2015, is the latest in a series of generative virtual installations that includes a garden of illuminated fractal flowers, carpeting an Italian castle in light, and more. Alongside technical production from Voxels Productions, the key to making these projects interactive experiences—rather than just projections—is the use of infrared sensors that track visitors' movements across the floor.

Digital Arabesques is on display in the city of Agadir through March 20. Then, the experience will travel to two more cities across Morocco, furthering its interaction with the culture that inspired it.

See more of Miguel Chevalier's work on his website, or check out our previous coverage.


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