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Aurora Borealis Timelapse Gets a Stunning Kaleidoscopic Makeover

Photographic artist Alexis Coram puts a psychedelic spin on her gorgeous 'Technicolour Alaska' Northern Lights footage.
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Technicolour Dreams - Kaleidoscope Aurora from Alexis Coram on Vimeo.

When San Francisco-based photographic artist Alexis Coram gave us Technicolour Alaska last year, we had no idea her three minutes of gorgeous aurora borealis timelapses would be a gift that kept on giving. After National Geographic published the original film in their Short Film Showcase this past weekend, Coram decided to return to her vibrant nature footage and experiment on it using kaleidoscopic post-production techniques. The result, a new film known as Technicolour Dreams, is a glorious reimagining of the natural light phenomena that has been a thing of fascination for centuries.


"If Technicolour Alaska represented the love I feel for the natural world in it's true and raw sense, Technicolour Dreams taps into the leaping, head-spinning, heart-pounding, soul-igniting joy that I try desperately to [and mostly fail at] expressing outwardly," says Coram in the video description. "This film is the abstract version of my inner extrovert and is part of my ongoing experimentation with photography, time lapse, and personal growth."

Set to the majestic orchestral music of James Everingham, it's three minutes of natural splendor that has us wondering why we don't just pack up, sell the laptop, and move to Alaska already.


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