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[Exclusive] Watch The Trailer For Björk's 'Biophilia Live'

A sneak peek at Biophilia Live, the documentary film showcasing Björk's groundbreaking multi-sensory concert tour.

With Björk's innovative multimedia project Biophilia—which made interactive art and music out of microscopic life and cosmic awe—the Icelandic artist again pushed creativity to new heights. The musician's eighth studio album and accompanying suite of apps even marked a new precedent in the art world, as the Museum of Modern Art acquired the Biophilia tablet project, the first time that MoMA included an app in its permanent collection.


Now Jacqui Edenbrow and Gloria Films are releasing Biophilia Live, a documentary film showcasing the musician's groundbreaking multi-sensory concert. With the film screenings nearly upon us, Björk is premiering the trailer today on The Creators Project.

Biophilia conception included a series of collaborations with a number of artists and designers, including developer Scott Snibbe, who played a role in crafting a user-focused multimedia experience that wowed as much as it educated. The idea was to create a “simulated model of reality” based on music, science, and the cosmos; a digital world that users could enter and manipulate via mobile apps. Then, Björk took the project on tour as Biophilia Live.

Directed by Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland, the Biophilia Live film augments the live show with additional animated sequences, taking viewers into Björk's immersive performances, which included a number of custom-built experimental instruments, such as a Tesla Coil, a pendulum harp, and a hybrid gamelan-celesta. The show also featured an Icelandic female choir and a series of nature films.

The film will kick off with screenings at select festivals, libraries, galleries, cinemas, and museums across the world. It debuted at the Czech Republic's Kalovy Vary International Film Festival, and on September 5th, it will screen at Reykjavík's Bio Paradis, followed by screenings throughout the fall at Moscow’s 360° Contemporary Science Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro’s Festival do Rio, Iceland Airwaves Festival, Panama City’s Biomuseo, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.


UK screening dates will be announced on Monday, August 18. Selected screenings will feature the documentary When Björk Met Attenborough. For more information, including the full list of screening dates, head to the Biophilia Live website.


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