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Trains Become Streaming Lightbeams In Aaron Durand’s Long Exposure Photos

They look more magical than a night on the Polar Express.
April 29, 2014, 8:00pm

By day, Aaron Durand is Twitter’s social media manager. He takes candids of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone at the San Francisco HQ. By night, he’s a photographer, and his photo series "Trains In Motion" makes any commute look magical.

Standing right next to the tracks or on a nearby lookout, Durand captures the lights of passing trains using long exposures. The trains are going so fast, they appear as solid red lines rounding a corner or thick sun rays rushing across a bridge. With these ethereal shots, Durand gives a whole new meaning to the term “light rail.”

See more of Durand's photos over at his Flickr page.


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