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Bits Vs. Pixels Duel It Out In This Celebrity Photo Comparison Series

Old-School graphics and real world graphics, mashed up.

NYC-artist John McGregor couples pictures and pixels to make GIFs comparing 8-bit NES graphics with their “real-life” counterparts. McGregor (also known as Brother Brain) calls the series “Bit vs. Pics” and he posts new content every day.

So far, his most popular animation is a mashup of NES Batman battling Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Besides the change in resolution, this GIF is gripping because it looks like the two nemeses are about to kiss.


In other news, we’re surprised Jean-Luc Picard’s animated headshot hasn't  gotten more attention as it’s hard to look away from its ever-looming pointedness. If we were to caption the image, we’d borrow words from Picard himself: “A starship captain’s life is filled with solemn duty.”

When he's not making Jaws a little less scary or turning Macauley Cullkin's eyes into electric blue orbs, Brother Brain makes GIFs that are old school, through and through. If you've been missing Mario and Bonk, or are feeling in the mood for an 8-bit glitch field, take the afternoon to spend on the Tumblr.

h/t Visual News