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Get A 3D Printed Action Figure Of Yourself (And Your Cat)

Following on from the Japanese 3D printing photo booth, now a German company are offering people the chance to immortalize themselves as 3D figurines.
June 13, 2013, 4:35pm

3D printing color figures of yourself is threatening to become a trend—in Japan last year designers PARTY opened a temporary 3D printing photo booth In a Tokyo gallery where people could turn up, get scanned, and walk away with a mini-figurine of themselves. And now, following on from that, comes Twinkind who are offering a similar service, but these guys are based in Germany.

Much like the photo booth in Japan Twinkind is a temporary pop up studio, so will only be open for a limited time in Hamburg. The scanning happens very fast, "in the blink of an eye" according to their website, and uses a multi-camera setup to get maximum detail—and you can even take your pet along to get scanned and printed too.


But it doesn't come cheap, starting at around $300 for a 15cm figurine and going up to $1700 for a 35cm one, which is actually an unnervingly large size for a figurine of yourself. Give it a few years and they'll be one of these studios on every street corner (I hope).

Images via Twinkind


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