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Witness The Macro Beauty Of Chemical Reactions In Stunning 4K

Beautiful Chemistry, the new collaboration between Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China, captures the chemical world up close and personal.

Beautiful Chemical Reactions from L2 Molecule on Vimeo.

Not every science experiment is worth noting. Then again, not every science experiment gets captured as 4K UltraHD macro footage. In the case of the new collaboration between Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China, however, the goal is just that. By documenting chemical reactions and structures in super-high resolution, the Beautiful Chemistry project seeks to both draw attention to the miraculous minutiae of science, and awe audiences with stunning visions of natural beauty.


Developed over the course of six months by professor and PhD Yan Liang, Beautiful Chemistry is chemistry worthy of any creative consideration. Seen above, zinc and silver nitrate branch off into snowflake-like silver trees. Zinc & Copper(II) Sulfate react like the sloughing-off skin of a bright blue stickbug. We're no master chemists, but we find these Ernst Haeckel-inspired reactions highly attractive.

Below, check out more Beautiful Chemistry:

Beautiful Chemical Structures from L2 Molecule on Vimeo.

Head on over to for more microscopic molecular magic.

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