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GIF Collage Artist Juxtaposes Images of Movement & World Culture

Zenzele Ojore’s 'Corpora IV' project combines gestural photography with stills from vintage magazines.
GIFs courtesy the artist

With a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom, filmmaker and multimedia artist Zenzele Ojore turned a collection of photographs and magazine stills  into a fluttering series of animated collages. Ojore started the Corpora IV project with a series of gestural photographs she had taken of a fellow student. She loaded those photos into Adobe Lightroom, rendered them all in black-and-white, and selected ten images she thought worked particularly well together. She then threw those images into photoshop to animate them.


To further augment her photographs, Ojore started tearing out images from vintage magazines, including National Geographic, and scanning them onto her computer. From there she would erase select areas of the portraits she had taken and fill them with patterns from the magazine stills. The final result is this series of dynamic silhouettes superimposed with a flickering rotation of vibrant nature photographs. Check out some from the series below:

Look over more of Zenzele Ojore’s work on her website.


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