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Here It Is, the Addicting Vaporwave Bottle Flipping Game We’ve Always Wanted

Say goodbye to your afternoon.
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Like rubbing your tummy while patting your head, water bottle flipping is one of those magical activities that requires minimal coordination while achieving maximum time wasted. Perhaps wishing to reproduce the instant gratification of sticking a perfect landing for the listless co-working space or nostalgic for the days of eBaum's World and Addicting Games (or both), the "digital brand strategies" supergroup Netro (Kim Asendorf, Ole Fach, and Jana Lange) this morning released Water Bottle Flip 3D, "the first real 3D bottle flip browser game." Amidst a vaporwave nowhereland of blue water gradients and slate grey polygons, you too can flip a bottle with the click of your cursor and hope it lands right-side up on top of something. And that's it, really.



I did it again. Sort of.

Click here to visit Netro's website.


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