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Artist Generates Hundreds of Unique Polygonal Alien Insects

'Biotop from Polygonia' is artist Chaotic Atmosphere's collectable species of imaginary Cinema 4D-rendered insects.
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This article was originally published on December 23, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

If you fancied yourself an insect collector but couldn't stomach the ickiness of the real things, then this assortment of polygonal versions could be a good alternative. Biotop from Polygonia is a collection of Cinema 4D-rendered bugs, created by Swiss illustrator and artist Istvan, a.k.a Chaotic Atmosphere, for the online trading card network Neonmob.


Biotop consists of 100 unique insect species from an imaginary polygonic planet, and is a followup to his previous work for Neonmob, Radiolaria Index"I wanted the set to look like entomology plates used to expose insect's collections in museums," says Istvan. The species feature both day and night versions, and number around 200 in total.

"Some are inspired by terrestrial species, some not,” Istvan explains. "Each species has four to eight specimens coming from different sub-species. I've started on Cinema 4D by creating a 'species basis' who has all particularities of the species (extra legs, wings,…). I used some deformers (displacer, polygon reduction) in order to give the species his overall shape. Then I created each specimen by shifting some parameters on the deformers. Afterward, I rendered each specimen in Cinema 4D and postworked with Photoshop."

Check out a selection of Istvan's creations below:

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