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People Are Making Their Own Music Videos with Generate App

It's basically a reactive visualizer you can keep in your pocket for your next impromptu warehouse rave.
April 3, 2015, 10:00pm
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This article originally appeared on THUMP.

Bay Area producer Thriftworks' video for "Deem Teem" was made using Generate, an "audio-visual mobile creation" app that's found many uses since it launched at SXSW in 2014. We spoke with the Vancouver based team who made it: "Generate essentially turns your mobile device into a digital media production studio," they explain. "Emulating software processes that are time consuming, expensive, and challenging, you can create unique artistic content in minutes."

"Because Generate is so versatile, we've seen users create many different types of content with the app," the developers go on. "It's been used for live performance concert visuals, music videos, album art. We've also developed an interactive element where fans at a concert or event can create content for live AV that can be projected within minutes."

Shots of Generate in action at Decibel Festival in Seattle, WA:

The app is built for live processing. Users control effects using sliders as it records in real-time. An audio-reactivity feature can also control effects. "We've focused on live scenarios and people looking to quickly create and stream live," the team explain. "Imagine the possibility of using filters in real-time. while shooting a film and streaming in Periscope or doing projections in a live venue."

Generate basically operates as a reactive visualizer you can keep in your pocket for your next impromptu warehouse rave. You could probably induce your own acid flashback with it. Either way, it's a nifty little tool, the uses of which are still being uncovered as people get more and more creative. Check Sergio Levels' video for "Viaggio Di Notte."

With an Artist Program already in place to help out budding trippy videographers and collaborations by Grandtheft, Trouble Andrew, and Deadbeat ongoing, the ways in which the app can be brought into the performative and/or party experience are yet to be fully realized. Download it. Maybe you're this generation's raver Michel Gondry.


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