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New Doc Follows NYC's Urban Explorers on Instagram

A mini documentary delves into the world of NYC urban explorers.
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New York City is truly a concrete jungle for Instagram’s growing movement of “urban explorers,” who plum the city's secret vistas—scaling the Williamsburg Bridge, invading the trash-infested tendrils of the subway, and perching atop the city’s tallest buildings—and share their documentation of those epic locales with their thousands of followers. In a new mini documentary, All Points Project: Instagrammers of New York, for the Digital Discovery Network's Seeker Stories, filmmaker Jeff Seal infiltrates this youthful band of guerrilla photographers and shows us how they use Instagram as a platform for their art.


All Points Project features interviews and Instagrams from eight of NYC's urban explorers, along with a disclaimer: “The activities depicted in this program are illegal and highly dangerous. They could result in serious injury, incarceration, or even death.” Beyond the thrill, urban explorers want to illustrate their unique relationship with their city with their work. “Not many people explore the city,” says Victor G. Thomas (@vic.invades), “What I do, is I take it into my own hands.” The photos from Victor and his friend’s daring jaunts also show an uncanny command of perspective, lighting, and angle. The results are awe-inspiring and dizzying perspectives of the city that never sleeps.

Peek inside their photography expeditions and watch Jeff Seal’s documentary of Instagrammers of New York, below:

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