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Street Artist Tags Hawaii with Yarn Graffiti

Artist HOTTEA takes over Hawaii with his colorful yarn sculptures.
February 24, 2015, 10:00pm
North Shore. Images courtesy the artist

From Hawaii’s North Shore to the beaches of Waikiki, street artist HOTTEA weaved his yarn installations into public locations across the island for this month’s POW! WOW! Festival. In addition to the simple, geometric shapes he threaded in wire fences, he arranged three, large-scale yarn sculptures known as Today, Tomorrow, & Forever on the island's sandy shores.

“This is my interpretation of a Hawaiian sunset. I deliberately created the shape to look less circular and more geometric to keep in the style of my isometric lettering,” he writes of Today, Tomorrow, & Forever on Flickr. On the cooling sand of the beach, the 3D structures created three stages of depth and color, from yellow to orange to red. To complete the illusion, HOTTEA and three of his friends dressed themselves in blue t-shirts, painted white, to imitate, as the artist explained, “clouds gently grazing the sunset.”


Below, see how HOTTEA's left his mark:

hot tea


HOTTEA gets help with one of his creations

Today, Tomorrow, & Forever


Today, Tomorrow, & Forever

Follow HOTTEA’s crafty escapades on his Flickr and Vimeo.

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