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Watch Liquids and Flowers Dance Inside a Fishbowl

We spoke to Kamiel Rongen, the artist responsible for the 'Waterballet' series, about his newest work.
April 1, 2015, 2:00pm
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Plants are the newest additions to artist Kamiel Rongen's liquid landscapes. For the latest work in his Waterballet series, Rozen oet Lottum, Rongen cites Henri Rousseau as inspiration: "With a little bit of luck, I threw the orange liquid on the tree," he tells The Creators Project, referring to the vibrant flowers that pop from the French painter's flora portraits. Peer closely into the fishbowl, Rongen adds, and you'll be able to see other references to the French painter's style.


"Some things in the water I do on purpose, and I'm getting better in controlling the water by time," he explains. "But the nicest things are the little uncontrolled miracles that happen. Doesn't that make life beautiful?"

Says Rongen, all of the Waterballet videos—Panda TrumpetShortcutz, and Rozen oet Lottum—are experiments towards a performance at the Eindhoven Psych Lab Festival in June. For it, he plans to projection map his video works onto an approximately 30' wide giant fishbowl. "The nicest thing about it is that I will be hidden inside the Fishbowl during the performance."

Waterballet - Rozen uit Lottum from Kamiel Rongen on Vimeo.


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