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Hear a Yaybahar Vs. Synth Jam Session

The Yaybahar meets the Elektron synthesizer.
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The Yaybahar is no ordinary musical instrument: you can whack it with a mallet, strum its vertical strings, or bang the two drums at its feet. When we first found the sculptural instrument from Görkem Şen last November, we were blown away by the plethora of space age sounds it could make. Now, for the seventh Elektron Jam Session, Şen and his Yaybahar team up with Dataline and his synth for a totally futuristic acoustic-electronic fusion.


"I found it really difficult at first, to actually make something work alongside this epic sounding instrument," admits Dataline in an interview in the Elektronauts blog. "When we were practicing, I found it hard to find any space where I could fit something in." But after a few days, they found their groove. Says Şen, "The Yaybahar, being a sort of composite of a number of different acoustic instruments, tends to show another one of its faces for every new instrument it plays along with." See and hear the results of their collaboration, below:

Yaybahar by Görkem Şen from Olgu Demir on Vimeo.


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