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Zombie Hamsters Wreak Havoc on Halloween

The tiny monsters run amok in the latest edition of HelloDenizen’s 'Little Hamster' series.
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As October comes to a close, the mini-stage directors and puppeteers at HelloDenizen, a YouTube channel, are celebrating the spookiest month with some of their more terrifying content: Tiny Hamster is a Zombie! In the style of Dr. Frankenstein, a mad scientist raises a pack of hamsters from their moss-covered graves and begins to feed them miniature body parts that they wolf down like fresh vegetables. Once they get a taste for flesh, the pack of rabid hamster zombies wreak havoc on the small town below. Adorn with tattered rags for clothing, the hamsters start to really chow down on the innocent towns people, ripping out their intestines like red worms.


This isn't the first holiday we’ve spent with a so-called tiny hamster. In the past, the Tiny Hamster has gone trick or treating, held a BBQ for the Fourth, and went on a romantic date for Valentine's Day.

Check out the show’s Zombie edition below:

Check out more videos by HelloDenizen on their YouTube channel.


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