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Mika Rottenberg Goes Off the Beaten Path in Latest Surrealist Solo Show

A fun house has nothing on the brazen oddities of Mika Rottenberg's Palais de Tokyo show.
View of Mika Rottenberg’s exhibition, Palais de Tokyo. All gallery view photos by Aurélien Mole. Images courtesy Palais de Tokyo

A woman with the hair of an unintentional mullet and the nose of Pinocchio appears distressed. A pair of plush lips protrude from a stark wall, pursing to reveal another hidden realm. The colors of the rainbow make an appearance inside test tubes and across a row of hanging robes. These are some of the perplexing and memorable imagery present in Mika Rottenberg's current exhibit showing in France. The Argentina-born artist does not let her fans down in the way she keeps to a Surrealist aesthetic, using the characters and routines of normal life to subvert expectations. The intriguing show commits wholeheartedly in its bizarre nature. Rottenberg's expansive vision, her second show in the venue Palais de Tokyo, plays out mostly through video installations.


Previously, the artist gained acclaim for her works NoNoseKnows from 2015, Bowls Balls Souls Holes from 2011, and Squeeze from 2010. Each of these works are included in the current show, in addition to new works.

Still from NoNoseKnows

Still from NoNoseKnows

Still from Squeeze

Rottenberg aptly expresses her interest in the oddities of the human form and how the concept of beauty plays into her art. The artist recently spoke to Vogue to describe how she perceives rules of attractiveness, especially in her art: "For me, beauty is about how [my subjects] own and inhabit their body. If you’re conventionally beautiful, you constantly get approval. If you have an extraordinary body, you have to learn to feel comfortable in it—and it’s always inspiring to be comfortable in your own skin.”

Watch a short preview, indicative of the Mika Rottenberg experience, below:

Mika Rottenberg's solo exhibit will continue to show at the Palai de Tokyo until September 11, 2016. To find more details of the exhibit, visit here.


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