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In New Mexico, a Robotic Butterfly Garden Awaits

Flutter by the latest robotic installation from designer, creative director and media artist, Ryan Wolfe.
Images courtesy the artist

You can wander through a mystical robotic garden accompanied by its very own fluttering butterflies and leaves, thanks to Ryan Wolfe’s newest contemporary art installation, Branching Systems. Currently on view at Peters Projects in conjunction with the 2015 CURRENTS New Media Festival in Santa Fe, the piece is comprised of masses of robotic leaves which flutter like butterflies creating a space filled with movement. An interactive installation, Branching Systems observes viewers' physical movements are the catalysts that trigger the swift-paced and divergent movement in Wolfe’s artwork.


Wolfe, an accomplished designer, creative director and media artist, utilizes his pieces to study group behaviour. Branching, a modular installation consisting of a series of vines whose leaves respond to input by the viewer and in turn respond to other leaves, is a very literal presentation of Lorenz's "butterfly effect." Take a guided tour of Branching Systems in the video below.


Flutter to Peters Projects where Wolfe’s installation is on view until Fall 2015, and see more of Ryan Wolfe's work on his website.


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