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Space Babies and Ice Tigers Roam This Stunning Instagram Account

Nevan Doyle's photo manipulations are sensuous feasts for the eyeballs.
Images courtesy the artist

Graphic designer [Nevan Doyle](http:// ) takes the music he hears and turns it into stunning, vibrant illustrations. Working as a music industry designer at Oregon State University, Doyle discovered his passion for visual arts when he downloaded Instagram during his tender high school years. “At one point I discovered a series of manipulated Halloween portraits by Ted Craig," he tells The Creators Project. "I'd seen similar things before, but something in that series inspired me. I felt the urge to create things that would illicit that feeling in people—things that couldn't exist in reality and would challenge how the viewer sees themselves and their world.” It was this vital discovery that inspired Doyle to teach himself how to use Blender (a free 3D software) to take him through the making of his eccentric pieces.


“I've always drawn my inspiration from music, which is why working in the music industry suits me well," he continues. "When I listen to a song, it's like I see a scene from a movie that hasn't be created… A landscape or some sort of imagery. It's like the music is the score to a movie in my brain. I like to tap into the surreal side and go to wherever the music takes my mind.” When the inspiration isn’t flowing from his music, however, Doyle turns to his own personal photography. “I prefer to use pictures that I take myself, because it's much more rewarding.”

Due to the success of his pieces on Instagram, Doyle has been asked to make cover art for EPs. He hopes to work with artists including M83, The XX, Glass Animals and more. For now, look out for Doyles more non-digital elements which he is beginning to incorporate into his work.


For more of Nevan Doyle's work, check out [his website](http:// ) and Instagram.


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