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Colin Furze Demos His DIY Thermite Launcher

You are legally obligated to not try this at home.
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It's tempting to call the work of YouTube star Colin Furze "functional art," but then you'd have to think of a rational reason to use his latest invention, a thermite launcher, besides, "It's so coooool!" A combination of DIY craftsmanship and punk rock filmmaking has earned the Brit over two million subscribers, who have seen him create IRL X-Men powers, a jet fuel go-cart, a motorized toilet, and a fully-equipped underground apocalypse bunker.


He's been on a launcher kick recently. He built a bazooka for fireworks not long ago, and his newest piece looks like a minigun but it shoots handmade thermite shells. Watching him decimate wheelbarrows, gas tanks, and even a load of fireworks with the heavy weapon fires a quick shot of dopamine right into your inner 14-year-old, but is also informative in case a robotic uprising ever happens. Based on what Furze does to a washing machine in this video, this information will come in handy.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the implosion of the government in order to make one of your own. Furze got special permission to make a thermite shell launcher, but if you tried this at home you'd almost certainly be arrested. Look, don't touch, in the video below.

Watch the making-of videos here and here. See more of Colin Furze's work on his YouTube channel.


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