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'Polygon Graffiti' Turns the World into Digital Art

An augmented reality art installation that looks like IRL Minecraft is just one idea Japanese "nature/tech cult" AUJIK is cooking up.
December 4, 2015, 2:05pm
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What if the monotony of your daily commute was broken up, not by the radio playing Justin Bieber's latest, but floating, 3D digitial sculptures? That's what Japan-based "nature/tech cult" AUJIK envisions in the latest iteration of their ongoing Polygon Graffiti project, Karakuri Cores. Their mesmerizing videos conceptualize a world where augmented reality has freed artists from canvases, specific spaces, or walls, and instead allows them to create unfiltered artwork in the world through augmented reality. Using backround music by Christ, the group integrated ten 3D sculptures with the real world, ranging from a cubic gold and silver structure reminiscent of Minecraft to a sculpture that looks like someone planted street writing in the ground and let it grow into an abstract shape.


AUJIK outlines how they envision this future in their video description: "By using a comprehensive and vivid form of AR the artist will be able to completely deconstruct any spatial and architectonical elements in the public and private spheres," they write. "Precise motion tracking, 3D scanning, and GPS grids will enable the artist to rebuild any building or constructions and add their own personal aesthetic to it. This may be implemented as an open source in order to let other people or self aware software's to contribute and hack the constructions."

In the past, AUJIK has taken us on a journey through human lymph nodes and conducted an interview with an artificially intelligent machine. The ideas present in each of their animations become more real with every advance in biology, machine learning, and now augmented reality. Just imagine using your Hololens or Magic Leap not for diagrams and gaming, but to fill your whole world with art. Watch that reality come to life in both parts of Polygon Graffiti below.

See more of AUJIK's work on Vimeo.


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