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[Exclusive] This Will Destroy You's New Music Video Speaks Another Language

Learn how to speak without speaking in Calvin Sprague's new music video for the Texas post-rockers' "Mother Opiate."
December 2, 2015, 2:26pm
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Total freedom is often an artist's bane. How to create form from formlessness? It's why the white canvas and instrumental track are to the painter and music video director, respectively, the most challenging places to begin. Luckily for Texas post-rockers This Will Destroy You, director Calvin Sprague of Pavlov Visuals knows just what to do when the music's there but the words aren't. And luckily for you, The Creators Project's readers, the coagulations of Sprague's conjurings, the music video for "Mother Opiate," off the band's latest album, Another Language (Suicide Squeeze Records), premieres today.


"A This Will Destroy You song isn’t just music. It conjures up images, invokes feelings and changes your perception," Sprague tells The Creators Project. "When I heard 'Mother Opiate' for the first time, I was transfixed. The song’s roaring feedback and calming brushstrokes made me feel like I was slowly fading into a vast abyss. That was just me, though. While anyone will certainly be affected by the music, the story the video tells is actually subjective. And that’s exactly what the purpose of this video is: it allows the viewer to just sit back while the music takes him to a world beyond space and time."

Mountains and moons morph into eyes and mandalas, creating a kind of line-contour map of the cosmos. Not one that tells you where to go, per se, but rather, how to find it. It's a gentle reminder that communication doesn't always have to be verbal, a possible clue into the ever-enigmatic band's album title: Another Language.

Evaporate into "Mother Opiate" below:

"Mother Opiate" is off This Will Destroy You's Another Language, out now on Suicide Squeeze Records. Click here to see more from Calvin Sprague.


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