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Mad Max Wishes He Had This Motorbike

An apocalyptic, wind-powered bike for an apocalyptic future.
June 25, 2015, 3:35pm
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We were planning on riding out the apocalypse in style on Colin Furze's motorhorse—that is, until we stumbled across Australian designer Alistair McInnes' submission for this year's James Dyson Award. Inspired by a foreboding feeling while riding through the Scottish Highlands in 2013, McInnes created the Strangeworld Motorcycle, a wind-powered motorcycle that wouldn't just look badass flying into an impending nuclear holocaust, but might even get you through what follows.


"The Strangeworld Motorcycle exists as a self-sustaining vehicle, utilising a hybrid system of kinetic wind power and photovoltaic battery charging, stored within the motorcycle body," McInnes writes in his project description. "The system unfolds like a tent and can charge when the traveller is stationary. The main problems were the variable reliance of renewable energy, and the vast space that is Australia, thus the hybrid system was my solution, to not rely on one form of renewable energy harvest."

Thus, with the vastness of Australia as its landscape and a fossil fuel-depleted future on the horizon, McInnes' VACC Design Awards 2015-shortlisted Strangeworld Motorcycle is the perfect ride for the sustainability-minded Main Force Patrolman of 2050. What a lovely day, indeed.

Check it out below, and visit McInnes' project page for more:

Alistair Strange world presentation video from Alistair McInnes Designs on Vimeo.

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