These Pickled Onions Taste Like Amsterdam
Photo by Helen Cathcart.


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These Pickled Onions Taste Like Amsterdam

Dutch pickle master Freddie Janssen’s vinegary shallots may take three weeks to be good and ready, but they’re worth the wait.

Photo courtesy Helen Cathcart.

D'you want a pickled onion with that, luv?

In Britain, the vinegary alliums are little more than a face-puckering afterthought on fish and chip shop counters. But to the Dutch, they are a thing of beauty.

London picklemaker Freddie Janssen, originally from the Netherlands, is on a mission to get Brits showing their pickled onions some love. Her recipe for Amsterdam onions—made with shallots, saffron threats, and mustard seeds—is inspired by the ones she remembers eating back home at the friteshuis (like a Dutch chippie) with her mum and sister.

RECIPE: Amsterdam Onions

After peeling the shallots and mixing with the herbs and spices, Freddie puts everything into a jar and refrigerates.

It might take three weeks for these Amsterdam onions to be good and ready, but they're worth the wait. Eet Smakelijk!