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Did Donald Trump’s Son Fill His Free Water Cup With Lemonade At In-N-Out?

Controversy alert: A fan photo reveals that Eric Trump may or may not have asked for a free cup from the burger chain for "water," but then actually filled it with lemonade.
Drink image by Bill Selak via Flickr

Right around the time his dad was interrupting Hillary Clinton on stage at the third and final debate on Wednesday to call her "such a nasty woman," Donald's son Eric Trump was stopping into an In-N-Out in Las Vegas for some well-deserved debate-night eats.

Why was a man worth $150 million eating at a fast food joint—though, granted, In-N-Out is pretty great—when he could be enjoying Trump-style fine dining at H2 (EAU), the poolside restaurant at the Vegas Trump Hotel and the place to "see and be seen?"


Well, for one, according to the Trumps, fast food is the cleanest food there is, and two, according to Deadspin, there was—maybe, allegedly—a five-finger discount on lemonade at In-N-Out on Wednesday.

A man who recognized Trump at the In-N-Out asked him to pose for a picture, which the man's friend subsequently tweeted. In the photo, Eric Trump is holding a clear cup, the kind that is given for free to people who as for water. But in it, we see not crystal-clear water, but a yellow liquid.

It seems as if Trump possibly asked for a cup to fill with water, then loaded the sucker up with lemonade.

this is a photo of my homey grant with trumps kid at in-n-out & trumps kid is drinking lemonade outta the free water cup…

— Kush Vonnegut (@xwnklmnx) October 20, 2016

Understandably, the water-for-soda switcheroo is frowned upon in the restaurant industry. Earlier this year, a man was arrested after he filled his water cup up with soda at a McDonald's. The felony charges that resulted probably had more to do with the fact that the soda thief in question tried to run over the manager who confronted him, but nonetheless, it was the stolen $1.49 soda that started the whole mess.

It's definitely Trump in the photo, as he tweeted another picture with his wife who, notably, ponied up for an actual soda. Given all the support the Trumps have shown the fast food industry over the years, maybe we've finally found the real reason the fast food industry isn't supporting Donald Trump back.