Action Bronson’s Eating Guide for Tonight's Episode of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’


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Action Bronson’s Eating Guide for Tonight's Episode of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’

Action Bronson hits his beloved hometown of Queens, New York to feast on homemade falafel, pumpkin bechuk, and refreshing smoothies on the latest episode of Fuck, That's Delicious.

In tonight's episode of Fuck, That's Delicious on VICELAND, Action Bronson and his crew return home to NYC to pay their respects to some of Queens' greatest eats—and get into some serious handball matches.

To accompany Mr Wonderful's homecoming in all its glory, here's your hit list of his favourite New York dining spots and all the dishes you should order.


Grill Point

What seems like a modest corner grill in Flushing is pumping out some of the most delicious Middle Eastern specialities in the area, from chicken shawarma to Moroccan aubergine with dill, hummus, and Action's favourite: falafel, which he likes "a little herbaceous."


Glorious meat Order Grill Point's delicious fried falafel with their homemade hummus.


Don't forget the Israeli salad. The tomato and aubergine is on point, too.


Joe's Pizza

There are few things in life that go as well together as handball and New York pizza, and if you want to become a real New Yorker, you've gotta show off your handball skills on West 4th street. It is a strange coincidence that one of the city's greatest pizza joints, Joe's, is right around the corner on Carmine Street, where all the sore losers can eat their sorrows in cheese slices off the court.


Veggie Castle II

Only in Queens can you find a Caribbean vegan juice bar that cures whatever ails you. From their "body flirt" smoothie to their homemade vegan jerk chicken, you can take a trip to the islands right on Liberty Avenue. After Action destroyed the competition on the handball court, he replenished his own electrolytes with a fruity "Ital Jockey" smoothie and a wheatgrass shot for some nutritional TLC.


King David Bakery

"Only in Queens will you find a Mexican speaking Uzbek," said Action as he watched the skillful hands of one of the bakers working the hot tandoori oven at King David Bakery. On a small street in Queens' Kew Gardens neighbourhood, two brothers, Dovid and Gabriel Murdakhayev, have been making bread for nearly 20 years. It is here that you can order pumpkin bechuk—cardamom and pumpkin filled samosas—and golden discs of lepeshka bread, but be sure to tap them (they should sound hollow inside) for quality control, just like Action's aunt would.


Potato bechuk fresh from the oven. Pumpkin bechuk


Golden lepeshka bread.

Roti Boti

"I had never eaten good rice before I came to this place," said Bam Bam as he sopped up the sauces from the okra, tandoori quail, and beef kebabs at Roti Boti with their fluffy basmati. This Pakistani restaurant provides Queens residents with some of the most comforting curries, homemade garlic naan, and bhindi masala seven days a week.


So what are you waiting for? Go eat your heart out like it's your last night in Queen's.

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