This Chrome Extension Turns Trump's Face Into a Juicy Burger

Now you'll never have to look at Trump again.
November 12, 2016, 4:00pm

If you're like me, then you probably hoped that after this week, we'd never have to look at Donald Trump's face again, that he'd take his tiny hands and his combover and sequester himself somewhere that was heavy on gold leaf and heavy, brocade curtains. Unfortunately, that place is the White House and we're stuck looking at that chewed up circus peanut he calls a face for the next four years. Or are we?


The owners of Mr. Burger, an Australian food truck chain, have created a Chrome extension that's perfect for anyone who's suffering from Trump overload. The extension, called Make Trump Burger Again, does pretty much that very thing: it replaces every picture of Donald Trump with a photograph of a juicy, inoffensive cheeseburger.

Today we tried to make the Internet great again!

— Mr Burger (@mrburgertruck) November 11, 2016

"We came up with the idea this morning over a cup of coffee," Maleik Edwards, Mr. Burger's marketing manager, told "Depressed with the news coverage and its negativity over the last few days, we wanted to do something fun, light-hearted and irreverent that would bring some joy to people's day."

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Replacing Trump with a burger seems like a great idea. And, if you think about it, the average cheeseburger has exactly the same amount of political experience as our new President-elect does, so it's a pretty even trade.


This isn't the first time international fast-food restaurants have roasted Trump: earlier this year, South African burger chain RocoMamas added a burger called The Donald to its menu, noting that it included "Double the bull" and "no guacamole or anything sounding Mexican." And Australia's Burger Urge still offers a Donald Trump burger that is served with "a toupee of fries."

In 2002, Trump himself showed up in a McDonald's commercial, grilling Grimace with some hard questions about the Big N' Tasty. "Together, Grimace, we could own this town," he says, so we probably shouldn't be surprised if that lumpen purple triangle is appointed to our lumpen orange President's cabinet.

Man, I hope that Chrome extension works for the next four years.