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8 Things Besides Cake That Steve Aoki Could Throw at Fans

A few suggestions for our favourite dessert destroyer.

Love him or hate him, Steve Aoki's stage antics have contributed to his fame almost as much as his music has. From crowd surfing with inflatable rafts to pitching sheet cakes, the man definitely knows how to entertain the disciples of mainstream dance music. Unfortunately, caking fans at every show is strenuous enough to throw out an arm. Considering the fact that functioning arms are necessary in order to actually mix, we thought it would be appropriate to suggest some alternatives to caking.


Photo by Caesar Sebastian

Photo by Caesar Sebastian

1. Sample-size portions of his personal shampoo
The Aoki mane is the best kept in the industry. Preteen girls everywhere would gladly take a bottling to be able to achieve that silky sheen. Let's hope it's the tear-free stuff.

2. Tour leftovers
Touring involves a lot of eating out of styrofoam containers. Lobbing half eaten Chipotle wraps and takeout Chinese into the crowd is guaranteed entertainment value.

3. Cold, hard cash
Forbes ranked him the fifth highest earning DJ in the world this year. How about mixing a few stacks into the confetti, Steve?

4. Pizza Pops
They're like water balloons, except cheesier. Although the oozing, scalding cheese is often the culprit behind any third-degree burn I've ever had.

Photo by Zacharie Rabehi

5. Benihana gift cards
Fans may not know that Steve Aoki's father was "Rocky" Aoki, founder of the Benihana restaurant franchise. This cross-promotion simply needs to happen.

6. Vegetarian quiche
Mr. Aoki has spoken about his fondness for healthy organic food in the past. "Quiching" has a really nice ring to it.

7. Cake ingredients
This just saves the trouble of making the cake in the first place. Flour, eggs and butter are already popular throwing materials anyways.

8. His Grammy award
He'll have to win one first though.

Steve Aoki's latest full-length album Neon Future is now available. Download the tracks on Beatport

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