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Listen to a Pumped-Up Edit of DJ Koze by French Producer Maelstrom

It's kind of like a high-speed car chase for your ears.

Maelstrom is a very prolific DJ—he's already knocked out 10 releases since 2013. The French musician's latest effort, a flip of DJ Koze's barebones track "I Want To Sleep," comes on the heels of his collaboration with US producer Louisahhh!!!. Maelstrom's version, with birds lightly chirping over wooshing synths, makes me feel like I'm cruising down the Autobahn at 200 miles per hour in a brand new Tesla. This song is just a one-off release for the fans, becuase if you're making tons of music why not just share it? But the fresh Maelstrom record does herald the arrival of a forthcoming project from the producer; we've got word that he's already working on his next batch of tunes for Gesaffelstein's ZONE label.


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