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Man Dies After Chugging Entire Bottle of Tequila on a Bet

The man performed the dare on camera, but passed away shortly after finishing the bottle.
Screengrab via Twitter user @PaolaG_B

Just how far would you go for $636—and the momentary respect of a bunch of complete strangers in a crowded nightclub?

Kelvin Rafael Mejía, a 23-year-old man from the Dominican Republic, recently died after chugging an entire bottle of tequila by himself as part of a 30,000 peso bet. The incident, which occurred at Vacca Lounge in the city of La Romana, was captured on a video that is now circulating throughout the Internet, because people are terrible, and of course it is.


El Universal is reporting that Mejía, a regular customer at Vacca Lounge, approached a table of around ten people and bet them that he could down an entire bottle of tequila, right before their very eyes. He proceeded to do so, on camera, and received the payment.

Then he collapsed and never regained consciousness. Mejía was taken to a local hospital, where the medical examiner confirmed that he died of alcohol poisoning.

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Elis Gómez, the owner of the nightclub, has distanced himself and his club from the incident, informing news agency EFE that Mejía approached the group and proposed the bet himself, despite some advising him not to do so. Gómez told Fox News in a statement, "The only contests we ever do are dance contests or costume contests, with the award of bottle of champagne or other drink." Vacca Lounge was closed temporarily for an investigation into the death, but no arrests have been made.

El Día, a local news outlet, reported that Mejía had a two-month-old daughter.

Mejía's aunt, Sandra Perozo, said that his death should serve as an example to young people everywhere that "not everyone who says they are a friend is really your friend."

That may be one take-away from Mejia's untimely death. Another is this: Don't bet anyone that you can down a bottle of tequila in one go without killing yourself. You might win the bet and lose your life—all at the same time.