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Thurston Moore Calls for “Free Love” and the End of Guns on New Single “Cease Fire”

“Melt down your guns and kiss your neighbor.”

Following on from last October's "Chelsea's Kiss," in support of then-imprisoned Chelsea Manning, Thurston Moore released another politically-minded post-punk track this morning. "Cease Fire" is utopian, pro-love, and anti-gun, delivered in Moore's half-spoken early-Bob Dylan-on-stims vocal style, backed up by a driving, paranoid Sister-era riff.

Moore released a statement on his website to accompany the song:

Guns are designed to kill and we, as non-violent human beings, are against the killing of any person or animal. The song is also about the power of love, in all its freedom of choice. A power that no gun can extinguish as love will rule always. Melt down your guns and kiss your neighbor.

Listen to the track in full below.

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