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Chef's Night Out: Thirty Acres

Kevin Pemoulie of Thirty Acres shows us that despite being neighbors with the better-known Big Apple, Jersey City is its own paradise of food and drink spots.

Jersey City is rarely mentioned when people discuss the New York City area—and it is almost never mentioned when people discuss the New York culinary world. But Kevin Pemoulie of Thirty Acres in downtown Jersey City is changing that. Coming from the NYC restaurant world, Kevin has been picking up tons of praise and business in Jersey City since his restaurant opened.

We followed Kevin for a night out to hit up some of his favorite spots in both Manhattan and Jersey City. We start the night at Modcup in Jersey Heights, where the group gets buzzed on highly caffeinated coffee cocktails. Riding a caffeine high, we head through the Holland Tunnel for some Thai food at Uncle Boons, then it's back to Jersey City for some beers at Lucky 7 and pork loin tacos at home sweet home, Thirty Acres.