Time for a Martini with Enough Crudités to Feed an Army


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Time for a Martini with Enough Crudités to Feed an Army

It's the end of the day and the end of the week, so stir up Mission Chinese Food's ice-cold martini and eat it with a massive platter of crunchy snacks.

Congratulations, friend. You made it. It's Friday and the daylight hours are waning, if not waned. You've earned a cocktail. And not some wussy little well vodka-cran: It's a martini. A serious martini.

And on your best days, you might find a shimmering silver tray of freshly cut crudités with said martini. The snap of a crisp radish goes marvelously with an ice-cold sip of gin and vermouth.

Mission Chinese Food recently booted up their classic cocktail program, and the martini—which never goes out of style—gets the MCF treatment thusly: a well-chosen gin and a dry vermouth are carefully stirred to a hard chill, then garnished with a castelvetrano olive or a lemon twist and a few floating orbs of beverage director Sam Anderson's Terrarium Bitters. Begone, pimento.

But of equal importance are your drink's accoutrements. Make a nice spread of pickled vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and lemon wedges. Then take off your shoes and put your feet up on your desk. To hell with your inbox. It's martini time!

RECIPE: Mission Chinese Martini with Crudités

Have you ever thought about getting a nicer-looking business card? You deserve one. But it can wait until Monday.