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This Parisian Punk Rock Duo Prove That Not All Police Control Is Bad

Listen to the 80s inspired punk of new Parisian duo Police Control.

Dorothée and Mathis are Police Control, a Parisian duo who deliver peppy punk with a strong dose of glam and nod to 80s French bands such as Strychnine and Dogs.

Their debut EP, Sentimental, set to be released on Gone With The Weed and Juvenile Delinquent Records, is four songs of Francophile fuzz that sounds a lot bigger than two people recording in a room.

Listen to the title track below and read a brief translated chat we had with Mathis


Noisey: You are called Police Control. What are the cops like in Paris? Do they use excessive force?
Mathis: French cops are doing great right now, thanks for caring about them! I am just back from a demonstration against police violence and they would not even allow me below the "security line" where it was happening. It is truly fascinating to see the passion they put in "protecting" demonstrators in disregard of the basic principle that is freedom of speech.

How do you say "All Cops Are Bad" in French?
Everyone in France would say: 'Wouwou Assassins De La Police.'

Why a duo? Have you considered adding an extra member?
Dorothée had just started playing drums, we figured out we should play together. It worked well so we decided to keep going on with that formula. As far as adding new members t is all open, there are no rules.

There is a bit of glam in your sound. What do you think of bands like Sheer Mag who inject a bit of 70s glam bounce in their music?
I really dig the first Sheer Mag 7"! Aside from that, it is harsh for me to consider any of our tracks as sounding particularly "Glam". We are mostly influenced by the 80s French punk rock scene.

'Sentimental' is available Feb 20 on Gone With The Weed and Juvenile Delinquent records.