The Best Ice Cream Gets You a Little Drunk


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The Best Ice Cream Gets You a Little Drunk

Enjoy the best of both worlds: Buckfast—a.k.a. creepy fortified wine that's known for its affiliation with violent crime—and homemade frozen desserts.

There are two essential summertime activities that make us feel like a million dollars even though the streets smell like decaying chicken carcasses and everyone has visible pit stains: eating ice cream and drinking cold, alcoholic beverages. These things are also fun in November, January, or even late March, but their potency and fun factor elevate significantly when the thermostat crawls way up above 70 degrees into the territory of tank tops and rooftop parties.


But say you were feeling clever and crafty and wanted to combine the wonders of booze and frozen desserts. What wondrous things could arise?

For the Scottish, there's one particular libation that is the source of both ample debauchery and oddly endearing, cough-syrupy flavor: the infamous Buckfast.

Buckfast is a "tonic wine" beloved in Scotland for its strange, sugary taste and proven connection to instances of violent crime. Maybe it's not super advisable to drink a whole bottle on your own on a summer's afternoon, but there's nothing wrong at all with, say, making it into some delightful ice cream.

In the MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland, chef Danny McLaren shows us how to churn the stuff into a cold and creamy delight that won't give ya more than a slight buzz. (If you do stab someone after eating this ice cream, you can't come blaming us.)

RECIPE: Buckfast Ice Cream

Enjoy the best of both worlds: creepy fortified wine that makes you laugh too much and homemade frozen desserts. No harm, no foul.

Just make sure to save some Buckfast syrup to pour on top of the whole thing. Then call it a sundae—on a Sunday or not.