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G-Dragon Forays Into Hip-Hop Wearing A Bright Blonde Weave

His latest single, “One Of A Kind,” takes the evolving artist to outlandish new levels.

G-Dragon‘s latest single “One Of A Kind” shows the evolving artist a few steps away from his “Heartbreaker” image, now with a rougher, tougher agenda. Shedding off his boy band image, pretty boy charm, and electronic-pop tendencies, G-Dragon switches it up with a bright yellow weave and hip-hop appeal. The artist—so wild and young—raps among kids playing telephone, baby tigers and bears, and his own personal Chanel closet, while making metaphoric gestures (around 2:50) as a possible end to one of his former selves. With lyrics like “I'm an annoying snob cause I'm quite expensive,” and antics like kissing an oversized Barbie doll (who then “slaps” him), the music video is almost as gaudily entertaining as PSY’s viral hit “Gangnam Style.”

Watch G-Dragon’s transformation from clean-cut pop prodigy to rising rapper in the video below.