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Travel Through Space In These Disorienting GIFs

Inside Loco-Dyna-Morphics, a 360-degree audiovisual experience.

German artists/researchers January Zehn and Stefan Berke premiered their latest project, Loco-Dyna-Morphics, inside the SAT's Satosphère dome in Montreal last week as part of the ELEKTRA Festival.

Billed as "an audio-visual essay of the physics of natural numbers," the immersive, 360-degree work explores animating audio in space and takes vieweres on a discombobulating roller coaster ride that made us feel as if we were traveling through a Scott Snibbe app!


The work is up through May 24th, but if you can't make it to Montreal, check out some GIFs we made below…

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Photo by Sébastien Roy [via].