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Talk To A Wall And Turn Your Words Into Light

Murmur is an installation that translates soundwaves into LEDs, turning your words into visuals.

Ordinarily, if someone caught you talking to a wall, you'd probably feel a little ashamed at how the situation arose. But not with this interactive installation called Murmur—a collaboration between design studios Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Polygraphik, and Splank—which turns users' words into patterns of light on a wall.

Visitors talk into a specially built cone and then, as if by magic, their language travels down a cord and appears before them as splashes of light or radiating, geometric forms.


Although the piece looks like it works by the force of some mystical light being, it is in fact made possible by using a Raspberry Pi computer and openFrameworks, translating soundwaves into LEDs.

The group describe the project below:

Murmur is an architectural prosthesis that enables the communication between public and the wall upon which it is connected. The installation simulates the movement of sound waves, building a luminous bridge between the physical and the virtual worlds.

[via Design Boom]