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Daniels' Destructive New Video For The Shins' "Simple Song"

The directorial duo create yet another miniature film in the form of a music video.

The Shins - "Simple Song" from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Daniels, the two-man directorial team composed of two guys named (go figure) Daniel, bring their energetic style, sense of humor, and love for special effects to yet another band. This time, Daniels are interpreting the vibe of The Shins’ single “Simple Song” from their forthcoming album Port Of Morrow.

After seeing their approach first-hand on the video for Battles’ “My Machines,” not to mention their miniature films for Foster The People, Chromeo, and Manchester Orchestra, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected from this dynamic duo.

Their treatment for “Simple Song” is a tale à la The Darjeeling Limited, with three siblings fighting over the deed to their father’s house after watching a candid and revealing video will (is there any other kind?). Furthering the reference, there are also some Wes Anderson-y childhood flashbacks. The directors’ penchant for destruction on film is fulfilled once again, this time with a wrecking ball going at a house. We bet Daniels loved that.