Shia LaBeouf Decks an Alleged Nazi on Anti-Trump Livestream, Gets Handcuffed

"Hitler did nothing wrong," says alleged Nazi sympathizer minutes before greeting a fist with his face.
January 26, 2017, 3:32pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada. 

UPDATE: According to this BuzzFeed reporter's tweets, LaBeouf has been released. An added twist to this largely really confusing and stupid scene, the person who LaBeouf allegedly punched and scratched was also anti-Trump. But he is pro-Hitler? Imagine being like that. Shia LaBeouf is not happy with the new American administration. If you remember, last week on Inauguration Day, LaBeouf started a livestream called He Will Not Divide Us that was, ambitiously, meant to last for the next four years. The stream's first guest was wunderkind Jaden Smith who repeated over and over "he will not divide us." Since then others have joined, chanting the same "he will not divide us" over and over. LaBeouf has had some run-ins with Trump supporters and, since Monday, police have been posted up outside his location at the Museum of Moving Images in New York.


Last night, though, LaBeouf allegedly got into an altercation with a pro-Trump supporter. According to TMZ and other media outlets, a protestor walked in front of the livestream, seemingly agreeable and friendly to LaBeouf, and said "Hitler did nothing wrong." Factually incorrect and deeply stupid, but there you have it: this is our world now. LaBeouf got rightfully pissed off and shoved the guy aside, walking away. The pro-Nazi person alleges that LaBeouf grabbed him by the scarf and scratched him in the process. The protest is still going on, even without LaBeouf.

Watch the pro-Hitler video below:

And watch LaBeouf's arrest by the NYPD, which was captured on his livestream:

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