Canada Found out About Trump's Travel Ban from the News

Trudeau government promises it will give sanctuary to anyone stranded in Canada by the ban as they figure out the details.
Justin Ling
Montreal, CA
January 29, 2017, 11:29pm

Ottawa is promising that anyone stranded in Canada as a result of President Donald Trump's immigration ban on seven Muslim-majority countries will be "accommodated and made to feel welcome."

But while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government has reiterated its commitment to being a safe haven for refugees the world over, it is refusing to criticize or condemn Trump's executive order, which also indefinitely bars Syrian refugees from the United States, and blocks all refugees for 120 days.

Speaking with reporters on Sunday afternoon, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen provided an update—with the caveat that it was "what we know so far"—but dodged multiple questions asking him to weigh in on, or condemn, the intensely controversial ban.

"We welcome those fleeing persecution, terror, and war," Hussen reiterated.

Canada intends on settling 25,000 refugees, many of them coming from Syria, in 2017. It has taken in more than 50,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees in recent years.

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