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Help Bring The MIDI Jacket To Life, Allowing You Control Sound With Your Body Movements

A group of friends living in Mexico City merge fashion and digital instrument design to create a jacket that allows you to control music.

When we last heard from the group of independent developers and designers behind the wearable technology brand MACHINA, we got a mere sneak peek at their MIDI jacket, a garment outfitted with various sensors that allow you to control and manipulate sound via software. Now with a Kickstarter campaign in progress, MACHINA's Wearable Machines Project is well underway may soon enter the phase of mass producting the world's first wearable MIDI controller.

By incorporating a number of sensors and buttons into the design and making the code freely available, the MIDI Jacket v01 allows fashion-forward hackers to mess with the presets and configure their own programs, ultimately taking the functionality of the jacket beyond standard control.

With the Kickstarter campaign, the team hopes to raise the funds for beta testing as well as manufacture their final prototype on a large-scale. The campaign also hopes to get the funding necessary to create a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows users to control the jacket’s functionality in a simpler way.

In addition to getting a great price on the first run of MIDI Jackets, backers can also receive a number of MACHINA’s other clever clothing designs as well as a poster of Obama riding a mechanical T-Rex. So, even if you’re not into the idea of controlling music with your body, there’s an item with universal appeal up for grabs.

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