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Do You Want to Make Friends with Dogs? Play Reggae

Science has proven this correct, don't argue with science.
soles / Flickr | CC By 2.0

Dogs, they're just like us. Well, humans are evidently still pretty bad at detecting and avoiding danger, but apparently us and dogs can agree on one thing: reggae. According to a study by the Scottish SCPA and the University of Glasgow, dogs showed "the most positive behaviour changes" when they were played reggae, along with soft rock. The BBC reports that the dogs in the study were also played Motown, pop, and classical.


Now, we personally feel this is a pretty narrow pool of genres to draw from. There's nothing from the rap, metal, or electronic worlds here. We may never know for certain if canines might really be down with funeral doom, for example, or New Orleans bounce. Dog-Selected Ambient Works could have been a thing. It still might be, as the study also showed that the dogs "have their own individual music preferences." If anything, we've learned that dogs, just like humans, all have a copy of Bob Marley's Legend somewhere in their homes. Dog Marley. Okay we're done.

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